3rd Chapter – Tools / Media / Easiness of Life

November 24, 2019

Dear all,

As I stated in my latest post (see HERE), I have started to write a new „small religious booklet“ about the truth.

There you can find chapter 1 and 2.

Here’s chapter 3:

Tools, Media, Easiness of Life, VR vs. RR

We stated, that life is sometimes a little bit tough, when we have to deal with the universe or with celestial affairs, which are not always willing to behave according to our will, but they behave according to their universal truth or eternal truth, respectively.

So a Virtual Reality (VR) is sometimes more intriguing than the Real Reality (RR), because its truth is more simple than that of the RR.

Consuming resources that I have not deserved and giving not anything back to the cycle, creeping into the VR and hiding from the world. Feeling humble and lost. Depression.

But what about actually dealing with the RR, while using some VR tools?

Wouldn’t this make my life easier, still being and feeling responsible for some part of the Real Reality, but handling via VR?

Well, this is the story of tools, it’s the story of media and the story of easiness. And the story of waste of resources, too.

An old story, the story about Prometheus, tells us about one of the most important tools – about FIRE.

Mankind was suffering from life and god Prometheus decided to steal the fire and bring it to the people.

But WHAT is a tool?

A tool is an entity that enables or eases the handling of other parts of the real reality by a user.

So, WITH the tool, the quality of life has increased for the user, but also the distance to nature has increased. Our life is easier, but a little bit more VIRTUAL. If once our tools will separate us from nature completely, then we will have reached a fully immersive experience in a virtual world.

How could we depict this fact?

What does this mean to science?

Well, not only we must trust our own bodies – their senses and skills – but now another trust must be added:

  • the trust into the tool.

Either me must know exactly, how the tool works,

  • so that we can compensate for the effects of the tool,

or the tool must deliver an „accurate artefact“ of the part of the universe that is under consideration,

  • so that we can take the artefact for truth.

So far about science, to describe the usage of tools in science, but what about tools in religion?

Can we say each individual human person has the ability to recognize God, independent if he/she gets in contact with the church or not?

In principle it’s the same as with science.

Everybody has the ability to recognize God and to get in touch with eternal truth, but if we do it together and if we receive the sacraments on a regular basis, then it’s easier.


Yours Christoph

More Models of the Reality – 13th Religious Booklet

November 24, 2019

Dear all – the second chapter has been finished.

The second chapter of the 13th „Religious Booklet“ has been finished. Additionally I updated the first chapter.

Please don’t expect „great literature“. It’s just truth 🙂

And there is nothing new. It will be just a summary for my son and his gamer friends.

Have a nice week



Longing for the Truth

Dear Reader – Dear Friend!

I have been writing „Small Religious Booklets“ since 2014 now – all of them in my mother tongue, which is German.

Now I am facing another challenge and start a new booklet in English language.

Well, it will not be that new. I will again write about my life’s main challenge, which is THE TRUTH.

You must know, I am a programmer.

Probably I am not the best of all and I am not the worst of all, just what makes the difference I like to stand still sometimes, looking backward, looking forward, thinking, what have I done, why have I done this and what will be my goals for the future.

Is that religious?

Is it already religion, if you are on a quest for truth?

Is it OK to say: „No, I am not interested in religion“, meanwhile longing sufferingly for the truth?


First of all, we have to admit, we do not know the truth. None of us mortal knows the truth (OK, Jesus Christ might be the exception).

And none of us mortal has got contact with the reality (same exception as above).

We are embedded into our bodies, whose senses and skills connect us to the „outer world“.

First we need to trust our own bodies, who provide senses and skills to explore the universe.

Self confidence is the first and ever needed asset that is a conditio-sine-qua-non.

If we do not trust in our own perception of the world, then we loose our identity and cannot proceed in life.

We then need help (fortunately we get help in many cases, by our parents, by our siblings, friends, relatives, therapists, and so on, however not all of the help is for free).

The main skill of my brain is to provide me a world view, or, as-I-call-it a „Model of the Universe“ (MotU).

The MotU helps me to understand the universe:

  • the MotU adds meaning to the perceived phenomena
  • the MotU helps to predict future phenomena
  • the MotU helps to find appropriate measures, if I’d like to influence the universe

At the beginning of my life, the MotU was quite simple, e.g.:

  • hungry –> cry –> getting satisfied (many people stick to this paradigm until high age)

Most of the intelligence was still outsourced to mom.

It was up to mom to challenge me.

If she wants me to proceed in life, she will leave more and more problems to be solved on my own.

This way I will grow my MotU over the years.

I will make some experiences, hence create/assert some statements about the universal truth (which I believe to exist) and – if I am an open minded person and let the universal truth judge over my statements – then I will test (or let test) the statements (my „virtual“ reality“) against the „real“ reality, hence learning to render the „real“ reality with my „virtual“ reality in an acceptable way.

In the best case, me and you – we – and the whole mankind will improve our personal MotU and our common MotU (which is called „science“) to a best fit with the universal truth, having a life full of harmony with ourselves, with each other and with the universe at all.

So, we assume a, we believe in a universal truth, in a „real“ reality, which exists „somewhere out there“ and which can be interacted with in the way of „physical objects“, i.e. in the way of entities that are characterized by categories like matter/energy and space/time.

Each person – if he acts scientifically – and the science as a whole – assert statements about the universal truth and test and use these statements to interact with the universe accordingly.

So we have got a first impression about how science works, as long as we are directly involved.

The next chapter about story telling will find another way, which is not directly scientifically involved, but which is more involved with artwork and virtual reality (VR).

However, before we close this chapter, let’s ask some questions:

  • Is science all we need?
  • Will science solve all our problems?
  • Does science explain ALL phenomena of the universe?

Well, religious people, and I think I am one, assert the existence of something like „Celestial Affairs“.

Celestial Affairs would be something, which cannot be described by science. Something, which exists „outside of the known universe“.

In particular, a celestial experience can not be systematically repeated (which is a prerequisite for scientific experimentation).

Like a scientist, who cannot know the universe, but who has to believe in the existence of the universe and its universal truth, before he can explore it, the religious people believe in what-I-call „Celestial Affairs“, get into contact and create some models for this reality.

If the celestial entities (angels, demons, the spirit) are performing a bombardement, then you will need some belief – some trust in heaven – to cope with this situation.

The pure MotU won’t help here.

The Art of Story Telling

In the first chapter, we have described, how a direct experience can lead to a calibration of our MotU and/or of our belief.

Such „scientific“ experiences or „celestial“ experiences, which happen, when a part of the truth is revealed to us in the course of a scientific experiment or a psychological happening, can be subsumed under the term „revelation“.

Now the occurrence of a revelation is – I would say – a rare thing.

It will happen more often to people, who are natively curious than to people, who are self-contained and steady.

On the other hand, our life is short. We don’t have much time to pass our knowledge on to the next generation.

Therefore mankind invented (or „found“) the art of story telling.

Like the Creator has left his mark in creation, we are creating artwork to tell the next generation about the truth, which we have perceived.

It’s again the same persons: there is a ME, who is embedded in a WE, who inhabit a virtual reality (an artwork).

Together WE inhabit an artwork, e.g. a 3D Multiuser Scene – a game –, we collaborate, chat, play and – all-in-one – we perceive the story about some universal or eternal truth from an author.

So an author – if he is willing to tell us something about his/her MotU/Belief – will thoroughly create roles and models that shall help us to learn something about the universe or about celestial affairs (see the first chapter).

This way, we can perform „learning by doing“ in a playground environment, without suffering the tough reality.


Many people love to inhabit VRs and artworks and would like to avoid „real“ physical and celestial experiences, that’s because of the softness of VR and the toughness of RR.

Unfortunately, the RR actually exists and we MUST understand, VR is just a playground to get fit for RR, it is not actually the RR.


Yours Christoph

Der Teufel ist das beste Pferd im Rennstall Gottes

November 16, 2019

musste ich denken, als wir über die „Dankbarkeit gegenüber der Tarnkappentechnologie“ diskutierten.

Aber ist es noch katholisch?

Ist es überhaupt christlich?

Natürlich war es weise von Gott, die Freiheit zu erfinden und den Geschöpfen zu überantworten.

Erst durch Freiheit gibt es Widerspruch, neue Herangehensweisen, Scheitern, Lernen und Besserwerden.

So wie der Tod der Motor der Evolution ist, so ist der Teufel der Motor des menschlichen Fortschritts. Denn ohne Teufel wäre der Mensch schon allein aus Trägheit im Paradies geblieben und könnte niemals in den Zustand des Geläuterten kommen.

Und so erfüllt der Teufel letzten Endes doch noch Gottes Willen (ich möchte jetzt nicht in seiner Haut stecken – so unbefriedigend muss das sein), indem er dem Menschen beim Fallen behilflich ist, sodass dieser wieder errettet werden kann.

Aber soll man jetzt dem Teufel dafür DANKBAR sein?

Nein, denn der Teufel macht einfach nur SEIN DING, ohne Rücksicht zu nehmen, weder auf uns noch auf sich selbst und schon gar nicht auf Gott.

Was dem lieben Gott erst ermöglicht, auch auf krummen Zeilen gerade zu schreiben.

Aus Sicht des Teufels muss Gott wohl ein ziemliches Arschloch sein, aber das geht uns zum Glück nichts an.

Suum cuique.


Euer Christoph

P.S.: all das hat nichts, aber auch gar nichts mit moderner Unternehmensführung zu tun 🙂

[x3d-public] status of SrrTrains v0.01: next Step defined („Fiat A“), waiting for „heavenly Go decision“ :-)

August 9, 2019

Hi all,
Felt free to describe the next release of SrrTrains v0.01 (step 0033.10.5 with nick name „Fiat A“) in „Hobby Report #13 – The Decision“.

This also contains a few words about a possible (optional) relation to the SP-ARK and PS-AKR ideas.

All this is now reachable from the „About Page“ of the Area#A Blog: https://areasharpa.blog/about/

I also added the suffix „, if at all“ to all scheduled dates 🙂

Kind regards,

Die Sinnfrage – selbst erlebt

Juni 30, 2019

In letzter Zeit hat sich einiges ereignet.

Da ist im Mai leider mein Vater verstorben.

Dann hatte ich eine hartnäckige Bronchitis, die mir viele ruhige Stunden „verschafft“ hat, in denen ich nichts anderes tun konnte, als nachzudenken.

Heuer werde ich 50.

Unsere Firma wurde verkauft, und es geht das Gerücht, dass die neuen Eigentümer Heuschrecken seien, die uns nur aussaugen und dann wieder ausspucken wollen.

Zeit also, auch beim Hobby Projekt SrrTrains v0.01 inne zu halten und nachzudenken, wie es weitergehen soll:



Euer Christoph

Universum oder Realität

Juni 22, 2019

Lange habe ich gezögert, aber jetzt habe ich endlich den Untertitel des Blogs geändert.

Statt „Dieses Blog diskutiert einige Aspekte des Universums“ prangt nun dort oben „Dieses Blog diskutiert einige Aspekte der Realität„.

Warum dieser Sinneswandel?

Nun, um es kurz zu machen, für mich ist die Realität der allgemeinere Begriff. Er umfasst mehr Themen als der Begriff des Universums umfasst.

Mit „Universum“ meinen wir ja gemeinhin den Teil der Schöpfung, der von den Naturwissenschaften erforscht wird, also letzten Endes von der Physik.

Zur „Realität“ zähle ich aber noch weitere Dinge und Wesenheiten, die von der Physik nicht beschrieben werden – nicht beschrieben werden können -, mit denen ich mich aber spätestens seit dem Schreiben der „Kleinen religiösen Büchlein“ beschäftige.

Als ein „Teil der Realität“ würde ich alles das bezeichnen, das „mit sich selbst ident ist“, also alles, das ETWAS ist. Ob das NICHTS zur Realität zählt, darüber kann man sich also noch streiten 🙂


Euer Christoph

Vom richtigen Zeitpunkt

Juni 20, 2019

Da setzt man Zeichen, da setzt man Taten, weil man glaubt, JETZT sei die Zeit dazu, weil man sich berufen fühlt, diese Dinge zu tun, weil man denkt, das Universum oder eine seltsame Macht im Universum hätte einen beauftragt.

Und man fühlt die bittersüße Verantwortung, weil man SELBST es war, der den Zeitpunkt bestimmt hat.

Ist das schön? Ist das schon das Folgen einer Berufung? Ist das ein Fügen in die Vorsehung? Die ja ohnehin durchgeführt wird.

Und manchmal sehnt man sich nach Führung. Nach einem „geistlichen Leiter“, der einem im Wirrwarr der eigenen Gefühle weiterhilft.

Man möchte „aussteigen“, nicht mehr die „ganze Verantwortung alleine tragen“ und nicht mehr selbst den Zeitpunkt bestimmen.

Ist das Verantwortungslosigkeit?

Ist es Denkfaulheit?

Oder wäre es ein „besseres Leben“?

Euer Christoph