Narrative „The third child“ – the mission has been defined

The version 1.7 of the narrative is now on a good way. The most crucial and sophisticated chapters have been defined.



3.3.10 – 3.3.12   NEW translated by Google translate 3.10.


At dinner together, the farmer starts a new topic of conversation after a while: „If it weren’t so unlikely, I would slowly start to believe in a world conspiracy – this whole pandemic only helps the rich and everyone else is drained.“

Lieserl: „Well, of course there is a more or less tacit agreement among all rich people that they would very much like to stay rich – it’s just so pleasant. And that of course you pull together is somehow logical, isn’t it „But I wouldn’t call it a <world conspiracy>“ right away. „

Farmer: „And the meetings there in this Swiss mountain village? Aren’t they conspiratorial meetings? Have you read the minutes?“

Lieserl: „Hmmmmm, well, if you want to call it that. The top still stabs the bottom, that’s pure evolution“.


In the quarter of the overrich:

Status meeting:

Number one: „We now have the movement of goods under control. Because of the 2m rule, services are only available in the sense of telepresence – also under control. Good.“

The numberless: „And what about the data traffic?“

Number one: „Everything is in the cloud. There is no uncontrolled app, most applications will only need a local browser anyway – no more plugins!“

The numberless: „Everything is in the cloud! Everything is in the cloud? Everything? Really everything?“

The numberless: „You keep hearing about black channels, blogs without imprint and unauthorized data transfers. That MUST stop. Resistance must be pointless!“


With Otto in the shelter.

Otto: „How’s it going?“

Member: „Well, the break-in attempts on our servers are becoming more and more frequent, but they still hold up. Who is so interested in keeping everything under control?“

Otto: „We have to work on new solutions. The author has to be able to maintain control and he has to be able to live from his work. The middleman is too powerful. That is the mission. The enforceability of copyright has to be possible again, otherwise everything was in vain „.

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  1. Kardinal Novize Igor sagt:

    Ja, auf so was wirds hinauslaufen….wenn wir uns nicht wehren.

    LG KNI

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