Mission Impossible – Project Clean Up

Juli 19, 2015

I really don’t know, when I should perform the project clean up for the SrrTrains/SMUOS project.

I don’t have time for this activity.

However, to be „fit for the future“, I’m now trying to write down the

Goals and Steps for the Project Clean Up (PCU)

  1. Main Goal: enable other people to derive their own projects from the frozen open source projects http://simulrr.sourceforge.net and http://smuos.sourceforge.net
  2. Update the source code, so that all concepts can be derived from the inline comments
  3. Update the „new concept paper“, so that all concepts can be learnt from a theoretical point of view

This is it
Yours Christoph

It’s only to Clean Up the Project

Juli 12, 2015

SrrTrains v0.01 is hibernating now, no doubt – everybody knows the reason – I’m waiting for an improvement of the Network Sensor.

OK, but why to write a new blog entry about that?

I think, we should clean up the project in the mean time, to be fit for the future. Anybody like to help?

Please see the additional info in the „P.S.“.

All the best



SrrTrains v0.01

Some parts of the Project Follow Up (PFU)
Step 0033.07 – „Web Spaces“ (done)

  • testing: Monolithic Layout on Webspace — DONE
  • publish step 0033.07 — DONE -> „third official pre-alpha“ 0033.07bf4

Step 0033.08 – „Rebase to SMUOS“ (done)

  • testing: Support Octaga Player again — later
  • asynchronous controllers of Extension Modules — later
  • replace base module by Smuos — DONE
  • update models for model prototypes — DONE
  • instrument station house – DONE
  • publish step 0033.08 – DONE -> „fourth official pre-alpha“ 0033.08bf1

Step 0033.09 – „Preps for Rail Vehicles and Trains II“ (hibernating)

  • console improvements — done
  • rename setup points -> replicators — done
  • MIDAS Object: Replicator — done -> „fifth official pre-alpha“ 0033.09bf2
  • Key Container improvements
  • publish step 0033.09
  • finish new concept paper
  • Consummatum est



Some parts of the Project Follow Up (PFU)
Block A: Hobby Usage – halted

  • Step A.1: Simplify SIMUL-RR – done
  • Step A.2: Introduce Support for SrrTrains – done
  • Step A.3: Enhance Support for SrrTrains – halted
    • MIDAS Object: Trigger – done
    • concept for dynamic models and replicators – done
    • MIDAS Object: Creator – done
    • publish first version of step A.3 (still without dynamic model support) – done
    • MIB improvement – halted
    • publish step A.3.bugfix<N>

Block B: Try Going to Get Serious – not yet planned

  • Step B.1: Mature Network Sensor (Network Semaphores) – not yet planned
  • Step B.2: Start SMUOS/C3P – not yet planned
  • Step B.3: ……
  • Step B.4: ……
  • and so on

Block C: Professional Usage by SIMUL-RR and/or other Projects – not yet planned

  • Step C.1: ……
  • Step C.2: ……
  • and so on

Korrektur zu „Luke & Leia“

April 30, 2015

Muss eine Korrektur des Bildes vornehmen:


Dazu noch folgende Erklärungen (in Englischer Sprache):

1) „N.I.L. / DIGITS“, „SMUOS / C3P“ and „MrGc“ are conceptional names and may be replaced by something that has the same principle meaning

2) The pre-alpha version of SrrTrains v0.01 will NOT be dependent on „SMUOS / C3P“, but it MAY use it, if available

3) SrrTrains v0.01 WILL use „SMUOS / C3P“ (if both will exist)

4) SrrTrains v0.01 WILL NOT (yet) use „N.I.L. / DIGITS“ (if it will exist)

5) „MrGc“ is NOT dependent on SrrTrains

6) The terms „LUKE“ and „LEIA“ derive from my personal interpretation of the Star Wars trilogy. This needs not be understood.

Luke & Leia

April 24, 2015

Meine Freunde werfen mir immer wieder vor, dass man mit den ganzen Begriffen, die ich im Rahmen meines Hobbies um mich werfe, eigentlich nichts anfangen kann.

Na ja, es handelt sich eigentlich immer wieder um

  • Phantasie vs. Kosten/Nutzen-Rechnung
  • Altruismus vs. Gewinnmaximierung
  • Leben und Lebenlassen
  • Hoffnung vs. „Alles geht den Bach hinunter“
  • Hatte Darth Vader ein drittes Kind? 😉

Ich habe das jetzt in einer kurzen Graphik zusammengefasst, ich höffe, jetzt ist es verständlicher:


Und hier nochmal das Ganze textuell für nicht-so-visuelle Typen:


Schönes Wochenende