33rd Newsletter of SMUOS – Project Clean Up (PCU)

Dear Friends of SrrTrains,

The SrrTrains project has been an attempt to learn about the basics of Web3D multiuser scenes. Additionally we elaborated a few ideas, which could be related to standards for MU capable VR/AR systems.

Thank you for all your good wishes during the last 7 years.

The project clean up comprised following topics:

  1. error in the demo layout: the windmill had turned the wrong direction
  2. removed historic information about DIGITS from concepts/src/
  3. explained „Basic Initialization“ in the Concepts‘ Descriptions
  4. updated the project data base (PDB SRR) – generated .pdf files
  5. some small editorial changes

Find more information at https://letztersein.wordpress.com/srrtrains-v0-01/

Btw: Currently they’re encountering severe troubles at sourceforge.net. Hence I have already updated the SVN repository, but the freshest .zip files are not yet available.

Kind regards

One Response to 33rd Newsletter of SMUOS – Project Clean Up (PCU)

  1. Yeti sagt:

    Now finished, .zip files are available.

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