Mission Possible – SrrTrains Project Clean Up

SrrTrains project clean up has has been finished nearly completely.

Due to some problems they are currently encountering at sourceforge.net, the final update will still need a few days.

Things already done:

  1. error in the demo layout: the windmill had turned the wrong direction
  2. removed historic information about DIGITS from concepts/src/
  3. explained „Basic Initialization“ in the Concepts‘ Descriptions
  4. updated the project data base (PDB SRR) – generated .pdf files
  5. some small editorial changes

Things still to do:

  1. Commit source at SF – Update of the readmes – Commit source at SF – update „Home of SrrTrains“
  2. Release of the .zip Files at SF
  3. Update SF Fora, SF Features and so on, clean up SF
  4. Update PFUs „published“
  5. Update the SrrTrains „Hibernation Page“ about new release (it is not „official“)
  6. Update PFUs = „consummatum est“, hibernation information at: letztersein……
  7. Write 33rd Newsletter of SMUOS – Project Clean Up (PCU)

Nice weekend

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