Longing for the Truth

Dear All,

Now I am starting to write a little booklet about the truth.

The first twelve booklets were written in German language, I’m now trying to write my first „little religious booklet“ in English language. Please do not expect anything, which is comparable to high literature. I’m just a programmer, who usually uses English for technical concept papers, specifications, functional descriptions and similar.

However, the topic is universal and I have got a lot of Facebook friends, who have English as their native language, so I decided to give it a try.

Follows the first draft of the first chapter

Title of the Book: „Models of the Reality“

Longing for the Truth

Dear Reader – Dear Friend!

I have been writing „Small Religious Booklets“ since 2014 now – all of them in my mother tongue, which is German.

Now I am facing another challenge and start a new one in English language.

Well, it will not be that new. I will again write about my life’s main focus, which is THE TRUTH.

Well, you must know, I am a programmer.

Probably I am not the best of all and I am not the worst of all, just what makes the difference I like to stand still sometimes, looking backward, looking forward, thinking, what have I done, why have I done this and what will be my goals in the future.

Is that religious?

Is it already religion, if you are on a quest for truth?

Is it OK to say: „No, I am not interested in religion“, meanwhile longing sufferingly for the truth?


First of all, we have to admit, we do not know the truth. None of us mortal knows the truth.

And none of us mortal has got contact with the reality.

We are embedded into our bodies, whose senses and skills connect us to the „outer world“.

First we need to trust our own bodies, who provide senses and skills to explore the universe. Self confidence is the first and ever needed asset that is a conditio-sine-qua-non.

If we do not trust in our own conception of the world, then we loose our identity and cannot proceed in life. We need help (fortunately we get help in many cases, by our parents, by our siblings, friends, relatives, therapists, and so on, however not all of the help is for free).

The main skill of my brain is to provide a world view, or, as-I-call-it a „Model of the Universe“ (MotU).

On the one hand, the MotU helps me to understand the universe, and on the other hand it helps me to take the appropriate measures, when I want to influ­ence the universe.

At the beginning the MotU is relatively simple:

e.g. hungry –> cry –> getting satisfied (many people stick to this paradigm until high age)

Most of the intelligence is still outsourced to mum.

It’s now up to mum to challenge me. If she wants me to proceed in life, she will leave more and more problems to be solved on my own.

This way the MotU will be grown over time.

MotU asserts universal truth
SaSk interact physical objects
Soul interacts physical entities

OK, so in the best case, the MotU will improve over life, so eventu­ally every­bodies MotU will fit to the laws of the universe in such a good way that a life in harmony is possible.

Now, what about religion and „heavenly affairs“, isn’t the picture we get very similar?

Like a scientist, who cannot know the universe, but who has to believe in the existence of the universe, before he can explore it, the religious people believe in what-I-call „Heavenly Affairs“, get into contact and create some models of this reality.

belief asserts heavenly truth
SaSk interact heavenly objects
Soul interacts heavenly entities

If the heavenly objects (angels, demons) and the heavenly entities (spirit) are performing a bombardement, then you will need some belief – some trust in heavenly affairs – to cope with this situation. The pure MotU won’t help you.

Last but not least, the „virtual reality“, e.g. in an artist’s work.

MotU/belief asserts via universal/heavenly truth
SaSk renders via physical/heavenly objects
Soul interacts via physical/heavenly entities

Isn’t any art work a virtual reality, which points to some „real reality“, e.g. a truth or another entity? An „inspired“ artwork lets us interact with the spirit and with heavenly affairs.


Yours Christoph

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