Plan B gets into effect

Gesendet: Dienstag, 14. April 2020 um 03:29 Uhr
Von: „Christoph“
Betreff: [x3d-public] Fw: DIGITS#5 – I have given up……

and I have added the „easter eggs“ of the narrative „Das dritte Kind“ to the project at GitHub, cause they are kinda output of the project:


Have fun




Dear Markus, Dear Georg!


I have given up to ever make money from DIGITS.


Some of the files were already published on some time ago (and deleted again).



Now I have published ALL historic files (2000 – 2005) at GitHub.   (partly German language!)

They enclose the reason, WHY I got into contact with x3d-public some time ago.




Chapters 1.17 – 1.19 of the narrative „Das dritte Kind“ have been finished (German language!)


Volunteers for translation from German to English would be appreciated.


Have a nice week

Yours Christoph

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