The Adventure Begins……

This is my first posting written from a linux desktop!

Windows 7 began to behave annoyingly, so I decided to install Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on my laptop.

Installing Ubuntu along Windows 7 did not work out (I suppose, Microsoft has prohibited that intentionally), so I installed Ubuntu „from the scratch“.

If I still will need Windows (e.g. to run some X3D Players), I will try it with „Windows over VMWare over Ubuntu“ or some similar approach.

Have a great new year
Yours Christoph

One Response to The Adventure Begins……

  1. Yeti sagt:

    Obviously I did some mistakes, because other friends told me they had no problems with installing dual boot Ubuntu and Windows.

    However, having Windows in a VM (virtual machine) fits even better to my needs, because Windows and Ubuntu are running at the same time on the same machine, this enables me to do tests with mixed Web3D muliuser environments. 🙂 Lucky I am

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