The 3rd Child – Part 1 + 2 – Translated

Due to the great success of the translation of the (unfinished) version 1.7 of the third part of „The 3rd Child“, I decided to invest another Friday Night to take Google Translate and translate the old – long finished – version 1.6 of parts 1 and 2 from German into nowadays Lingua Franca, i.e. English.

Here is the result of the original translation (from last week):

  1. The Cover of the Book (+License): cover_v1.6.pdf
  2. Framing: 0_frame_narrative_gootrans_v1.6.pdf
  3. Prologue(I): 1_prologue_narrative_gootrans_v1.6.pdf
  4. Framing: 2_frame_narrative_gootrans_v1.6.pdf
  5. Friendship(II): 3_friendship_narrative_gootrans_v1.6.pdf
  6. Framing: 4_frame_narrative_gootrans_v1.6.pdf
  7. The Mission(III): 5_mission_narrative_gootrans_v1.7_2021-06-19.pdf (already published last week)
  8. Framing: 6_frame_narrative_gootrans_v1.6.pdf

If you are capable of the German language directly or indirectly, please do also consider to visit the:

Have a nice week

Yours Christoph

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